8 Oct 2009

Mestre Celso 70th Birthday - ACER Capoeira RJ


Over 50 Master will be there.
Mestre Celso is the OLDEST active living Master teaching and playing Capoeira in Rio de Janeiro and England. The Association of Capoiera Engenho da Rainha, today also known as ACER Capoeira was founded in the 70’s in Rio.
Mestre Celso is the only direct student of one of the GREATEST Master of all times, Mestre Artur Emidio today 80yrs old. Mestre Artur Emidio changed the history of Capoeira in Rio de Janeiro in the 50's. He also challenged the Grace family, Helio Grace and Robison Grace for a Capoeira VS Jiu-Jitsu. Mestre Artur Emidio learnt Capoeira from a very old Master who learnt from an EX-SLAVE.

That makes ACER Capoeira style UNIQUE!

Mestre Celso is from the time when Capoeirista used to use Navalha and Lenco de Seda, Roda de Pernada and muita Malandragem, what we don't see anymore now days.

Mestre Celso would like to invite you to his 70th Birthday Roda and to be part to this mark in the history in Capoeira.

10hrs - Opening

11hrs - ACER Capoeira Batizado
12hrs - Show

14hrs - History - Capoeia in Rio by all Masters present

14:30hrs - Masters Roda
16hrs - Open Roda

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